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"Amazin' Walter" McDonald and Lucinda "sandy feet" Wierenga, a.k.a. The Sons of the Beach Sand Castle Wizards, have been actively and seriously involved in sand sculpture since 1984.


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In the past 20 years we have gotten a whole bunch of publicity (most of it good!) and though we wish we had kept better track of it, it would be really hard to keep calling ourselves a "not-profitable disorganization" if we were that organized... At any rate, we are going to try to do better starting right now! Here are some links to some of the wonderful things we have said about ourselves to newspapers, magazines, TV cameras and radio mics.

bullitWorld Championship Best Architecture - Team Category - Sept. 2003

bullitRipley's Believe It or Not - aired Sept.. 2003

bullitPeople Magazine - Sept. 2003

bullitLands End Catalogue Feature - May 2000

bullitsandy feet on the wire (published in many major newpapers, fall, 2000)

bullitCrayola Kids Magazine Shoot - June 1999

bullitSelf Magazine Photo Shoot - May 1999

bullitThe Best Buy Ad - our biggest coup to date...

bullitDan Leeth's Article - this guy has done a wonderful job of exposing us ... affectionately referred to as the "I told her not to quit her day job" article.

bullitSons of the Beach Day Proclamation - "Whereas, Amazing Walter and sandy feet are two of the most reknowned, award winning sand sculptors in the world...." Yup, they dedicated a day to us in Jefferson County, TX -- read all about it!

bullitIt wasn't the swimsuit edition but sandy feet was featured in the June 27 issue of Sports Illustrated in all her bikini-clad glory... as well as a review of this web-site. See It Here!

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