SoBs in Key Biscayne



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The Sons of the (Key Biscayne) Beach, Sandcastle Wizards, SandyFeet and AmazinWalter, invade Florida... Fun Was Had!

Call it Miami if you want, we flew into Miami International Airport, but we built the castle at Crandon Park on Key Biscayne. This is a beautiful well kept county park. There were three production crews filming and photographing on Wednesday the 3rd.

Using 20 tons of sugary white Florida masonry sand, Amazin' Walter and SandyFeet built this castle for Self Magazine on Feb. 1st thru Feb. 3rd, l999

Watch for photos by Pat McCarthy of models with this sculpture in the May issue of Self Magazine!

20 tons of sand... 7 feet tall



Technology is wonderful... here is SandyFeet (webwiz, sandwiz, working with her laptop on the beach... really! (she did find some time to carve as well...)

Stacy and Daniella try to patch up some damage they caused... it's ok girls, it's your job! 

stacy leaps

Amazin' carves... 

< Stacy leaps...

Rocky films Pat, photographing Stacy and Daniella in front of the castle.

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