The Sons of the Beach Traveling Stage Show almost defies description -- it is so different from any form of entertainment that has ever existed (or is likely to exist again once we have departed.)

Click to hear an SOB song!


Amazin' Walter and sandy feet have been performing their original brand of homegrown Texas Beach Music for nearly a decade now. 90% of what they play is original stuff, with Amazin' on guitar and harmonica and feets on keyboard. This is not dance music - this is "listen to the words until you can jump right in and sing along" music.



He clowns! He makes things disappear! He makes silly animals and even sillier hats out of balloons! he's got a really silly-looking bicycle! And he has absolutely nothing up his sleeve (but don't play cards with him...) We're talking Amazin' Walter - Director of Fun and Grand Pooh-Bah of the Sons of the Beach. Don't Parde without him!


Okay, we utilize a little bit of this in everything we do. We swear in people as Sons of the Beach and we can make nearly everyone laugh. For mere money we'll entertain at your next social event.

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