YES, YOU TOO CAN BECOME AN SOB in good standing.
It's very simple: no religious visions will appear, no salesman will call.....
Take the SOB Pledge by raising your right hand and repeating after me:

I promise to Have Fun --

Help Others Have Fun --

and U N L I T T E R* !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(* to properly dispose of more garbage than you generate)

Now, don't forget to request your FREE SOB Certificate!

pledge graphic

That's It! Now you are a SWORN SOB
and "SOB" will no longer be a dirty word in your life.
As of now you are authorized - even encouraged- to swear at
I mean in new SOBs every chance you get.

Now remember -- you PROMISED!

Get 'em while they're hot!

You too can prove up that you are a sworn SOB by acquiring your FREE personalized SOB certificate (shown at left.) If you can open and print JPEGs and receive attachments via e-mail, we'll get one to you ASAP.... just e-mail your request. Be sure to include your name as you would like it to appear on the certificate. We will issue you a number. What is the number good for? Nothing, yet... but there may be some discounts on SOB goodies in the future for those who have taken the time to get official...

(We'll be happy to send one to you by snail mail as well, but it will cost you $2.)


Find out how you can help unlitter SPI and other beautiful spots in the Lone Star State on an even larger scale by clicking on the image at right.

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The SOB Banner Exchange Program - calling all PROUD SOBs 

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