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blue bulletElias Tobias Poetry Pages - Welcome to the World of Words, a web page that features poetry I have written over the last 30 or so years. Tips on getting your poetry published.

Rob & Dede

blue bulletMurphy's World - Whether it is collecting existing data from outside sources, data creation, raster to vector conversion, or Global Positioning System (GPS) data collection, Murphy's World will provide you with high quality data in your projection and coordinate system, in your format, on your specified media, at the lowest possible cost.

blue bulletMike Hanks Interactive Web Site - provides writing, graphics, and web site development services.

blue bulletRhese Hoylman - Where sand castles and nanotechnology meet...

blue bulletDon "Dad Feets" Wierenga - THE source for all things Wierenga - Great Page, Dad!

blue bullet"Ben in Texas" - One high-flying SOB!

blue bullet"Deeper Dan" Dever - where sandcastles and chili meet in San Marcos, Texas

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blue bulletforheavensake's(beachbunny)page - beachy graphics & links

You should visit our friend Tom while you're in the neghborhood

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blue bulletORQUESTA UNIVERSAL - The South Texas Mambo Kings are on-line and available for hire!

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Remember Rene Lawrence? 'course you do! Click here and see what he's been up to since he left the Island...

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