We are used to our clients piling up more sand than we can carve in the allotted amount of time - but this was one really big pile of sand.

And this was the only clear, sunny day we had -- affording us our one and only glimpse of Mt. Fuji.

After this, the clouds moved in, the wind picked up (with a vengeance) and we got started....


practice pile

The Volunteers

Fifteen enthusiastic locals committed to three days of wallowing around in the sand with us. Most of them were students but not all - we were told there was a dentist, a teacher, and a professional embroiderist among the ranks. Most spoke little or no English.

< The Practice Pile: The volunteers break in their new "Sons of the Shonan Beach" jackets on a secondary pile pushed up to protect the main pile from high tides

On the second day of the project, when winds picked up to near-typhoon strength and it was obvious no sandsculpting could possibly occur, at least 10 of these hardy locals showed up ready to work anyway.

Instead, they got to ask some carving questions, look at sandy feet's picture book for ideas, and finally were treated to a magic show and a round of balloons, courtesy of Amazin' Walter.

(He was tickled to learn that his screen name - "amazu" - is Japanese for "Sweet & Sour." Quite fitting, don't you think?)



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