The woodcut print pictured above was created about 1842 by Hirosige Utagawa."Visitors to the Benzai-ten Shrine on the isle are admirably represented in harmony with a complete view of the isle of Enoshima adjoining then to the mainland."
We were recently invited to build a sandsculpture on Shonan Beach by the town of Fujisawa Beach, Japan. It was an incredible experience - one that we are eager to share with our friends and supporters via the internet.

Only problem is that we both took sick immediately upon returning home. I mean REALLY sick. So please be patient with us as we attempt to regain our health, catch up on the work that continued to pile up in our absence, and post our Japan photos.

the project   The Project: 90% of it was completed by a large, enthusiastic squad of local volunteers who had never built a sandsculpture before. See what they came up with!

the sights  The Sights: We actually got to see a little bit of the surrounding area this trip.

from feet's and Amazin's travel journals

random observations 

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