Sandcastle Lessons with the Sons of the Beach on South Padre Island beaches

South Padre Island, Texas is one of the few places in the world where you can get private and group sand sculpting lessons from world class master sand sculptors - the Sons of the Beach Sandcastle Wizards.

south padre island sand castle lesson with sandy feet

hands on instuction!

Private Sandcastle Building Lessons for all levels of ability

Special Group Experiences - photo-ops; contests, team coaching & more!

Corporate Team Building Exercises - give your convention/meeting group a good excuse to get in some beach time


Build a Better Sand Castle

Over the past ten years we have helped literally thousands of people to have more fun on the beach. An hour or two of instruction from an SoB Sand Castle Wizard and we WILL have you building better sand castle - no artistic talent required.When you reserve a date for a lesson, one or more of us will meet you on the SPI beach of your choice with all the necessary equipment.... you don't have to bring a thing other than a desire to learn how to make sand stand.We offer a variety of instruction options and will be glad to help you decide which best fits your needs, based on your group numbers, budget and level of expertise.

Beginners Lesson Group Pricing:
1-5 persons $75.00/hour
6-10 persons $85.00/hr
10-20 persons $100/hr
over 20 persons $7.50/hr per student

For "Kids" of All Ages!

Note that SoB sandcastle lessons are NOT just for kids! In fact, very young children may not have yet developed the motor skills necessary for learning the relatively sophisticated SoB techniques of building. Parents need to take the lesson too, so when the child is old enough s/he can learn from mom and dad.



sandy feet: 956-459-2928
Amazin Walter: 956-433-9659

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Treat your group to hands-on sandcastling instruction in an entertaining format. In just an hour you will be building and carving very cool sand structures - no artistic talent required.

Sandcastling can be tied in with many areas of study, including art, group dynamics, science and history. It is also a fun, "beachy" team-building activity that many major corporations are starting to notice.

Our technique - we call it "A Modified Drip" - involves digging a hole down to the water table and withdrawing super wet sand from the bottom of it. We'll show you how to build towers, walls and arches and then help you carve them into recognizable structures. We provide all the carving tools you will need and we'll even leave a few behind so you can keep playing after we go.


With a private group lesson - YOU get to call the shots. A sand castle instructor will meet you at the SPI beach of YOUR choice at the time and date that YOU specify. The instructor will bring all the beginners tools you need for a group of up to 30 people. Lesson includes approximately 20 minutes of instruction/demonstration and then supervision and one-on-one assistance to students as they start stacking and carving sand... starts at $75/hour (We recommend a minimum of 2 hours for groups over 15.)


For up to 6 people, two hour minimum. Get your castle up off the ground! Here we cover advanced stacking techniques, using forms and tampers, and more advanced carving techniques. Build side by side with the instructor for a more advanced finished result. Instructor will provide buckets and complete sets of SOB tools for each student to use... $100 per hour


Three hour minimum. Goal oriented building techniques for team building. Focusing on use of forms and compaction techniques and advanced carving, including faces and figures.... $100/hour


Special Group Events


The Photo-Op Lesson

An excellent opportunity to get that Christmas Card Photo! Runs 1.5 - 2 hours for up to 12 people. We work together to create a large and impressive piece with an SoB coaching and working alongside you. We can even help you carve your name, logo or short message on the piece...........$200.00

The Hands-Off-You-Lie-I'll-Swear-To-It Photo Op Sandcastle Demo

Want a personalized sandcastle but don't want to get your hands dirty? Like to watch before you learn how? An SoB will build a very cool sandcastle on the SPI beach of your choice, personalized with the message you specify, and shoot your picture with it for you (using your camera.) You can tell everyone you built it (don't forget to mention that an SoB taught you how.) And they won't find out the truth from us ;-............$75/hr

SOB contest organization

2 hour, 2 instructors (minimum) - SOBs will organize a contest for your group including a small demonstration castle... a beginners lesson and beginners tools, $100 per instructor per hr and a nominal equipment usgae fee.

Optional add-ons/contest prizes:

Larger, more elaborate demo castle (started before your arrival, completed during contest) - $200 and up
1st, 2nd and 3rd place certificates (5 each) - $25
The SoB "Take me to the beach" sandcastle booklet - $3/copy
The best sandcastle carving tool (modified pastry knife) - $4 each

Coached Teams

2 hour minimum - the team gets the benefit of the experience and technical skills of the coach, great for management seminars, leadership training, and other team oriented groups. Can be presented in a contest form or as a group project, perhaps with the group logo carved on it... great photo op!... $100 per instructor per hr. For more details, see Team Building Page.


Request a Bid or Reserve a Date Online

ph: 956-761-6222 or 956-761-5943


Address: P.O. Box 2694, South Padre Island, TX 78597

a photo op lesson

Photo-Op with sandy feet -- 10 beginners, 2 hours

Amazin' Walter
Amazin' Walter on his way to a lesson

Christy gives lessons - en Espanol tambien!

sandy feet with a school group

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