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South Padre Island, Texas is a great place for conventions and meetings. Give your group members more beach time with an SOB Corporate Team-Building Activity.

Southwestern Bell, 2000

Nokia 2000

nokia - den't team

nokia - walter's team

nokia - feet's group

Corporate Team Building Exercise - the SoB Way!Amazin' Walter, instructor

The Sons of the Beach Sand Castle Wizards can help you make your South Padre Island meeting/convention an experience your attendees will never forget. They will

  • learn how to build a better sand sculpture - useful information for all future beach trips
  • receive ideas on formulating a team plan
  • execute the plan
  • organize themselves, assign individual tasks to team members and discovering individual strengths and how to best make use of them
  • get practice working together as a group
  • create an exciting visual for multiple photo opportunities

Turn-Key Operation

We know that organizing up to 250 people is a major operation and can be a logistical nightmare. That is why we handle the details for you. The SoBs can provide up to six qualified instructors/coaches and all the equipment necessary for your team-building exercise - all you have to do is get your participants all down to the beach on time.

Adelaide's sand castle teamHow It Works

We start with a brief (15-20 min.) lesson, demonstrating how to build towers, walls and arches; combine these structures into other shapes; and carve detail using simple tools. The group then breaks out into individual teams -- ideally comprised of 4-6 members -- with each team assigned its own work area (either individual sites or sections of a larger creation.) The instructor/coach works with each team, making suggestions and offering hands-on assistance to bring the group's vision to reality.

The exercise can easily be turned into a contest - we will help you find impartial judges if need be and can even help you come up with some inexpensive prizes for the winners.

What It Costs

We can tailor this activity to fit almost any budget and will be very happy to work with you on it. Generally speaking, we charge $100/per instructor per hour and suggest this activity be scheduled for a minimum of 2 hours.

We can also build an impressive demonstration sculpture featuring your group's name, logo or message prior to or after your group activity.... great photo op! Please call or e-mail for more info.

swbell demo

SW Bell Demo Sculpture: 5 sculptors, 2 hours

reach us at 956-761-6222 or 761-5943

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