Sons of the Beach Sandcastle Wizards

Photo Gallery: Temple of the Beach Goddess

easter The SoBs fielded a large (5-person) team at the World Championship in Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia for the first time in 12 years of participation in Sept. of 2003. They were the only team in the contest to include women and anyone over 50 and were quite pleased with the award for best architecture.

The goal was to build lots of very tall arches. With 10 attempted, six remained standing at juding time. The rest became part of the "temple" ruins - exactly as planned.

Team members (clockwise from top): Amazin' Walter, Mark Myers, Christy McDonald, sandy feet and Fred Mallett

The sculpture was completed in 20 hours over three days. Valuable team support and documentation were provided by Jerry and Shirley Mallett - proud parents of Fred.

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