Sons of the Beach Sandcastle Wizards

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SPI Convention Centre Sand Box

The beaches of South Padre Island, Texas produce some of the finest naturally-occurring sand sculpting material in the world -- as illustrated by the piece of artwork before you.

This sculpture was created from approximately 40 tons of grade AA South Padre Island sand and water. After the building and carving have been completed, the sculpture is sprayed multiple times with a light solution of white glue and water to help preserve the detail. It is by no means permanent and must be "touched up" periodically and totally rebuilt about twice a year.

The SPI Convention Centre built this sand box back in 1999 and since then it has featured an unbroken series of castles by the SoBs.

Here are some photos from past incarnations of this sculpture. Check back for updates!

If you are part of a group planning to use the SPI Convention Centre and are interested in having your name or logo put on this sculpture, please contact Amazin' Walter: - 956-761-5943

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